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The Digicert also know as the Business SSL or Secure site SSL is the most trusted as well as most robust certificate on the marekt.  It is the certificate of choice for financial institutions as well as governments across the world. This certificate goes beyond the simple encryption by providing a daily malware scan as well as a vulnerability assessment to stay ahead of any treat your website might encounter.

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The Thawte SSL  is one of the oldest and most recognized brand on the market. Launched in the late 90s, Thawte servers customers  from different business segments across the globe.

This brand mainly caters to small to medium size entity that requires an ssl connection with a trusted brand. With a 256 bits of encryption , Thawte provide the adequate security for your website and mail server.

Additionally, Thawte also provide and industry leading code signing to sign java, Microsoft or adobe.

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GeoTrust powered by DigiCert now offers an even wider range of trusted SSL certificates backed by the industry’s best customer support. It offers a wide range of certificates from DV, OV, Wildcards and EV certificates


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Sectigo is one of the largest certificate authority on the market.
After recent acquisition of Comodo as well as Positive SSL, Sectigo position itself as one of the leading brands.
They currently offer multiple type of certificate as well as different price point depending your security needs.

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RapidSSL certificate

Rapid SSL

Rapid SSL is an entry level certificate that provides domain validated SSL certificates. RapidSSL will confirm domain control by sending an email to the administrator listed with the registrar for the domain


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Type Of SSL

Extended validation or EV SSL

The Extended validation or EV SSL certificated are mainly recommended on payment website, financial institutions websites as well as government pages. EV certs provided the highest level of authentication trust and security.

This SSL certificate will display the full website owner ensure maximum trust from your customers.

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Organisation Validated SSL

Organisation validated certificates or OV SSL are only issued to registered businesses. They offers and extra steps in vetting to ensure the certificate is issued to a valid and existing entity. this is recommended for webservers, mail servers and non transactional websites

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Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL are organisation validated certs use to secure multiple subdomains (accross a single domain) using a singular certificate example : * can secure,,…Etc.

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Domain Validated (DV)

Domain validated certificates or DV SSL are low authentication entry level  the most basic SSL certificate, their validation only require proof of domain ownership.

Because of their low authentication, DV certs are recommended for internal websites and test sites

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Have Questions?

When will i receive my Certificate?

The SSL certificate has to be validated according to the certificate authority (CA) standard. once they have validated your domain ownership , company registration and telephone number; the certificate will then be issued and be available for download on our portal.This process takes about 2 business days when validation resources are available online

How is your pricing so cheap?

As authorized partner, We purchase our certificate in high volume which qualifies us for large discount. We on the other hand extend our discount to our customers to ensure we offer more competitive pricing

How will i manage my certificates?

We have integrated with each vendor secure API to provide all features available while giving you visibility on your certificate, you will lose no functionality over your current certificate management portal when purchasing through us

Who will issue my certificate?

Each certificate sold on our shop is validated by the CA based on their validation policy, Prima Secure only facilitate a faster issuance by pre-validating your certificate to ensure the vendor has sufficient information to faster delivery.

Do you provide Technical assistance?

Our very experience team will assist you in every aspect of your certificate delivery free of charge for the lifetime of the SSL certificate

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