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2 Years

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Up to 256 bit encryption strength
Up to 256 bit encryption strength
Up to 256 bit encryption strength





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99% Browser Compatibility

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$65/Y Regularly $139Buy Now

$179/Y Regularly $249Buy Now

$20/Y Regularly $49Buy Now

Why Choose Sectigo SSL Certificates?


InstantSSL is a cost-effective way to secure your web site. With TrustLogo’s unique, real-time assurance seal, you’ll boost your customers’ confidence in your site.

Strongest SSL encryption

InstantSSL offers the strongest SSL encryption available, with SHA-256 and 2048-bit RSA keys, and ECC support.

Unlimited server licensing

Each SSL certificate includes unlimited server licensing, so you can secure all your physical servers.

Trusted by all leading web browsers

Browser compatibility is a key part of choosing an SSL provider. Compatible with all popular browsers, InstantSSL certificates are a no-worry option for maintaining trust in your website.


Every InstantSSL certificate comes with a FREE TrustLogo. With real-time identity assurance through our “point to verify” technology, TrustLogo enhances assurance in your online identity and gives customers confidence to buy from your site.

Risk Free 30-Day Refunds

Buy with confidence because. If you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of your purchase, InstantSSL will refund your money without any delay or hass

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