Endpoint Security & Email Security Secure your emails and endpoint against malware and ransomware

Endpoint Security

Protection beyond antivirus

We provide Endpoint security from industry leading vendor that helps you protect Network and Secure Your Company from Malware & Data Breaches.
Endpoint protection goes beyond a simple antivirus by providing a multi-layered solution that protects you against phishing or ransomware.

We currently offer solution from the following Vendors.

  • – Broadcom Endpoint Protection
  • – Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • – Trend Micro Endpoint Security
  • – McAfee Endpoint Security
  • – Kaspersky Total Security
  • – ESET Endpoint Security
Endpoint security
email security

Email Security

Protection against Phishing, Malware and ransomware

Attackers rely primarily on email to distribute spam, malware, and other threats. To prevent breaches, you need a powerful email security solution. Email Security is your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware

We offer solutions from the following vendors

  • – Cisco Email Security
  • – Broadcom Email Security.Cloud
  • -Symantec Email Security.Cloud
  • – Trend Micro Email Security
  • – Force Point Email Security
  • – …etc
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