Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Features of Digicert Secure Site Pro

Digicert Secure Site Pro is an advanced, all-in-one website security solution. Using Secure Site Pro, admins can configure, monitor and respond to threats. As such, Secure Site Pro is the TLS certificate of choice for brands to protect against the web threats of today and tomorrow. Top brands, including 89% of the Fortune 500 and 97 of the 100 top global banks, trust this products for their website security.

Digicert SSL Product Features

Vulnerability assessment

Keep your business and customers safe by identifying website vulnerabilities that are commonly used in cyberattacks. After scanning your public-facing web pages, web-based applications, server software and network ports, you can view an actionable report organized by threat level, so you can quickly address the most urgent vulnerabilities by priority. You can also customize the scan by choosing which TLS/SSL server issues to look for. Vulnerability assessment reduces your team’s workload to automatically point out ways to strengthen network security, all while helping you remain PCI compliant.

PQC Test Kit

Quantum computing will likely arrive sooner than expected, with some predicting it could arrive as soon as the next five years. 71% of IT professionals believe that quantum computing will be an extremely large threat in the near future. Companies need to prepare now to be ready for these threats to their environment.

The PQC Test Kit allows you to prepare post-quantum security strategies now and test hybrid PQC/RSA certificates to see how it impacts other applications on your network.

DigiCert’s PQC test kit includes:

  • Hybrid RSA/PQC TLS certificates
  • A modified Apache webserver/ISARA catalyst server
  • Custom Firefox browser

Find out more about preparing for PQC at https://www.wordpress.sslcertificate.ch/digicert-ssl-certificates/


Choose the Right SSL certificate for your business

Choose the Right SSL certificate for your business

Choose the Right SSL certificate for your business

The SSL certificate allows for the transference of information securely from a web server to a browser. SSL Certificates  have 3 different types:

  •  Domain validated (DV).
  • Organization validated (OV).
  • And extended validation (EV).

SSL certificates can noted by the visual cue of the word “Secure” and a graphic of a lock in the upper left hand corner of the browser bar. Additionally, those web addresses that contain an “s” after the “http” handle include this feature because the site has been secured through the means of SSL certification.

Domain Validated Certificates (DV)

The DV SSL certificate are generally issue once the applicant for the domain has in some way proven that is the owner. domain ownership can be proved in may ways, including but not limited to responding to an e-mail that is sent to the addressed, which he or she has registered is his or her address in the registration for the domain. This type of certificate is distributed by SSL companies, such as Thawte and Geotrust. Another way in which a DV demonstrates ownership is responding to an e-mail sent to any of a number of administrative contacts from the domain.

Organization Validation SSL Certificates (OV)

The organization validated SSL certificate goes one step beyond the DV form of SSL. This is a certificate that demonstrates that the individual who possesses ownership over the domain also possesses ownership over an organization. In the case of this form of SSL, it is necessary for the owner to engage in extra steps for the organization’s identity verification. SSL companies who produce this type of certification include Sectigo, Digicert, and RapidSSL.

Extended Validation Certificates (EV)

EV certificates are similar to Organization Validation in the sense that this type of SSL also requires the owner of the domain to offer proof that he or she owns an organization.

The caveat with this particular type of SSL is that it demonstrates that your organization has been legally registered as a business.

In order for the certificate authorities to offer an organization an EV, it is necessary that these individuals gain access to a few key pieces of information. The first is that the company exists in operation and in a specific location.

After this information has been validated, the certificate authorities then go on to validate that this particular company is in fact located in the location in which they claim to be.

EV certificates are the most trusted and secure ssl on the market


What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography certificate or ECC certificate?

What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography certificate or ECC certificate?

Elliptic Curve Cryptography or ECC certificate

As websites continue to add features and connect with social networking applications, securing web communications has become increasingly important. This is where secure HTTP, or HTTPS, comes in, which uses encryption to secure web traffic against hackers.
Google has stated that they prioritize sites that support HTTPS in their search results, and an increasing number of users expect to see HTTPS in their address bars.

Services like Secure Site Pro, other DigiCert SSL certificates or Sectigo SSL certificates allow websites to provide this valuable feature.

HTTPS encryption is accomplished using an algorithm. RSA is the industry standard, but elliptic curve cryptography, or ECC, is becoming increasingly widely used.

The history of ECC begins in 1985, when Victor Miller and Neal Koblitz each independently suggested elliptic curves for cryptography. ECC started to gain widespread support in 2004, and in 2009, the National Institute of Standards and Technology recommended 15 curves for different security levels.

Differences Between ECC and RSA

Fundamentally, ECC certificates rely on the near impossibility of calculating a multiplicand from an original and final point. RSA, on the other hand, is based on the difficulty of prime factorization. The two algorithms perform differently in specific metrics.

Key Length

ECC certificates offer significantly shorter keys compared to their RSA equivalents. A 256-bit ECC key provides equivalent encryption strength to a 3072-bit RSA key and a 384-bit ECC key is comparable to a 7680-bit RSA key. This leads to lighter network use during SSL handshakes.


ECC certificates are easier to calculate on the server site, but conversely harder to calculate on the client side. This can improve network performance if the server is the major bottleneck, but can reduce performance if clients are the main source of lag.


RSA is the industry standard for HTTP encryption, so it is supported on many devices. ECC is not supported on all web servers and desktop browsers and is not adequately tested on mobile devices. This can be a significant concern in a time of increasingly diverse user devices.

Obtaining the Right Certificate

Digicert SSL certificate offers 2 of the best and most robust ECC certificate on the market:

  • Secure site pro
  • Secure site pro EV

Elliptic curve cryptography offers several significant benefits for websites, but it isn’t right for every use case. Whether a website chooses ECC or RSA will depend on which tool offers the most meaningful benefits for that site.

please visit https://www.wordpress.sslcertificate.ch/digicert-ssl-certificates/ for more information on secure site pro certificates.
What are TLS Certificates?

What are TLS Certificates?

What Exactly are TLS Certificates?

The use of the internet is almost inevitable nowadays due to the vast change in technology. Increased internet use has brought about issues of digital spying and cyber crime. Connecting to the internet anywhere can grant others access to our transaction details or emails. A message sent using a computer goes through several different computers before it reaches the recipient, implying that others can access the message using those computers. It is, therefore, essential to secure the internet we use by the use of public or private keys granted to us by TLS certificates.

What are TLS certificates?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificates, a public key certificates issued by certificate authorities that validate public key ownership.

Once messages are encrypted, only the recipient can decipher the message using a private key. Furthermore, encrypted messages are not accessible to the multiple computers they pass through, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

TLS is an updated cryptographic protocol of Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Both TLS and SSL certificates authenticate ownership of public keys to secure data transferred between a web user and a server. The differences between the two are minor, but TLS is more secure than SSL. The certificates contain information such as the public key, date of issue and expiry, name of the subject domain, and name of the certificate authority issuing the certification.

SSL certificates are of different types to suit the different kinds of internet users. Some of the types are; Domain Validation (DV), Extended Validation (EV), Wildcards, Unified Communications (UC), and Subject Alternative Name (SAN).

More information on certificate type is available here https://www.wordpress.sslcertificate.ch/ssl-certificates/

Certificate authorities.

Certificate authorities are organizations that bind cryptographic keys to certified entities like websites, companies, or emails by issuing digital certificates known as TLS or SSL certificates.

the most recognised trusted certificate authorities are Digicert, Thawte, Geotrust and sectigo.

  • Digicert SSL with it secure site pro range has the most robust and secure ssl certificates with EEC encryption and recommended for financial institutions and government.
  • Thawte SSL is one of the oldest certificate authority organizations globally, founded in South Africa. It is famous for issuing X.509 certificates, the HTTPS-based browser web protocols.
  • Sectigo SSL previously Comodo SSL offers is the second largest supplier after Digicert and offers multiple range of certificates.
  • Geotrust offers certificates ranging from DV SSL to EV SSL
SSL Certificates, Which one is right for my business?

SSL Certificates, Which one is right for my business?

 SSL Certificates

There are multiple SSL certificates on the current brands on the market with the most trusted being : Digicert, Thawte, Sectigo and Geotrust.

SSL types

Extended validation.

The Extended validation or EV certificates is probably the more complicated to obtain but also the most trusted as validation requires:

  • Authentication of company registration and activity with the local business registrar organization.
  • Validation of domain ownership.
  • Confirmation of registered address and telephone number.
  • Verification of employment and authority.

This SSL certificate will display the full identity of your company in the browsers to ensure maximum trust from your customers.

EV certificate are mainly recommended on payment website, financial institutions websites as well as government pages.

Organization Validated

The organization validated is the most common used certificates, mainly used on web-server and non-payment pages.

It validation requires:

  • Authentication of company registration
  • Validation of domain ownership.
  • Confirmation of telephone number.
  • And a phone call to the certificate requestor.

Domain Validated

Domain validated certificates or DV certificates are the most basic SSL certificates as they only require basic access to the domain.

Because of their low authentication, DV certs are recommended for internal websites and test sites.

Validation just require access to a predetermine email address provided by the certificate authority.

Certificates Brands

Here are some of the most trusted and used SSL certificate providers:

DigiCert SSL

DigiCert is the current market leader, they split their certificate in 3 different segments:

  • Robust: The secure site pro range is the most robust SSL certificate on the market with up to 512 RSA SHA-2 Algorithm and 384 ECC public key cryptology.
  • Business SSL: this robust SSL that includes malware scanning, business SSL is the preferred SSL for banks and governments.
  • Standard SSL: this is an entry level SSL with 256bits encryption.

Sectigo SSL.

Sectigo (previously know as Comodo SSL) is a global SSL provider is the largest SSL certificate provider on the market.  they are rose in recent year and have maintain a steady market share.

Thawte SSL

Thawte, a subsidiary of DigiCert is one the oldest and most trusted SSL certificate on the market.  They offer a wide rand of certificate for small to mid-size organizations.

Geotrust SSL

Geotrust is also a subsidiary of DigiCert that offer SSL certificate with up to 256 bits encryption and multi -domain DV certificates.

In conclusion

In conclusion, choosing an SSL depends more on your organization type, your budget as well as the site you are securing.

Please contact one of our agents should you need further recommendation on this

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Why Use Thawte SSL certificates?

Why Use Thawte SSL certificates?

Why Use Thawte SSL certificates

The security of the information users share on your website should never be taken for granted. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the only way web servers and browsers can share encrypted information – which is safe and secure. You need to make use of SSL if your website visitors are to trust you with their personal information. Thawte has certificates that provide the best encryption security.

What is Thawte SSL?

An SSL certificate is defined as bit codes that encrypt information to keep it safe. With an SSL encryption on your website, when a browser attempts to access the website, the server sends an SSL certificate. The browser checks the certificate and then starts an SSL encrypted session. During this session, everything shared between the browser and server, including personal details, is encrypted. Thawte SSL certificates are made by Thawte, a company based in Cape Town, South Africa. It is among the most trusted in the industry. When you use one of their certificates, your website visitors will feel safe and secure.

What are Your Options?

There are various options when it comes to Thawte certificates. These include Thawte EV, Thawte Wildcard, and Thawte SSL123. The one to choose will depend on what your website needs are.For internal and test websites, the Thawte SSL123 is the solution you need. This SSL is fast with very short authentication and entry level. With this SSL, you get a golden padlock at the top of the site, which shows all visitors that their information is secure.

For an organization, you should opt for the Thawte Wildcard SSL. With this, you will be able to secure various sub-domains at no additional cost. However, it is essential to note that the authentication of the Thawte Wildcard takes some time.

The Thawte EV (extended validation) offers the highest level of security. It is ideal for use by financial institutions, credit card transactions, among other needs. It only secures one domain. This Thawte SSL displays a green address bar with your site’s name and identification details.

It is important to note that for both Thawte EV and Thawte webserver, you can secure several domains by buying the affordable SAN digital certificate.

Thawte is Your Best Option

While there are many SSL certificate providers, Thawte has managed to create a reputable name and is now among the most trusted. Thawte certificates have been in the industry for the past 17 years and have stood the test of time.SSL certificates by Thawte are compatible with almost all browsers, so no matter what your website visitors are using to access your website, they will be secured. The certificates offer 256-bit encryption, which is the best. Your clients’ details are safe so you can rest easy knowing that no claims may arise from clients being stolen from by malicious people using information they shared on your site.

How do you get Thawte Certificates? Apply online on the official website and choose the package you want. Give them a short time to create the certificate, and it will be configured on your website as soon as possible. Securing your website is that easy!

Why should you use Endpoint security?

Why should you use Endpoint security?

Why Endpoint security is a Plus for Your Business

Endpoint security entails securing end-user gadgets. These include laptops, desktops, and mobile devices among others. Endpoints are the points of access to networks, and they create entry points that can be misused by malicious attackers. Endpoint security software assists in protecting the entry of risky activities. Here are the merits of endpoint security.

Lesser Server Downtime

Downtime outage will cost you hundreds of dollars per hour, depending on the nature of your business and how long it lasts. Apart from the financial aspect, you further lose your reputation, especially if the breach will lead to the loss of customer data such as card and credit details.

Such occurrences result in unhappy clients. Robust Symantec endpoint protection detects and prevents the malware from getting into the network, hence giving the server ample time to do what it does best.

Securing Access Points Saves Money

The aftermath of a security breach costs money and time, especially if the reputation of your company takes a hit. By spending some cash on a security solution such as Kaspersky total security, you end up saving lots of money in the long run.

Such is an investment that pays dividends for each problem you do not have. You also increase your employee’s productivity once they don’t face breaches. With Kaspersky total security or trend micro endpoint security, you can be sure of running a smooth business.

Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Your institution should be using a firewall and an antivirus such as Broadcom endpoint protection. The two are ideal for your defense while working online.

However, note that a firewall does not stop malware from gaining access through external devices that are plugged into your networks.
Broadcom endpoint protection monitors your network while paying particular attention to weak points where the external devices connect.

Security Keeps Your Workers Safe

Do not focus on monitoring your system only. The external devices of workers should be monitored as well. For instance, with Mcafee endpoint security, or trend micro endpoint security, you will benefit from anti-spyware, anti-virus, and disk encryption built-in.

With the three as a package, it is unlikely that you will experience network attacks. Mcafee endpoint security further protects their devices from network issues. In cases where they are using personal laptops, extra protection is necessary.

So why endpoint security?

The reasons that will make you go for endpoint security over other options is because you will maintain full audit trials, safeguard mobile devices, stop the spread of malware, lock down isolated vulnerabilities, and protect insider threats. A standard anti-virus cannot achieve all these. Again, you do not want to invest, no matter how cheap the investment on a security option that will not offer you a complete solution.

Should you consider upgrading your security?

All financial institutions should consider investing in Symantec endpoint protection or Broadcom endpoint protection since it has the mandate of protecting their customers.
It is also a means of increasing company profits, given that you will gain the trust of more and more clients once they are assured their details are safe.
Post Quantum Cryptography

Post Quantum Cryptography

Post Quantum Cryptography

Most of us have little or no knowledge of how information on our web browsers is protected. Whenever you are using online services such as emails, bank accounts, or credit cards, a web protocol encrypts and saves the data. These encryption protect all types of electrical communication, including health records, passwords, and digital signatures.
Cryptography protects all information on transit or in the storage on the internet. It operates on asymmetric and symmetric logarithms. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing fear of the emergence of quantum computers that might undermine these defenses. Therefore, as a precaution, researchers and security firms have come up with Post Quantum Cryptography.

So, What Exactly Is a Post Quantum Cryptography?

Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC) refers to new measures put in place to protect data and sensitive information from future quantum computers mounted by hackers. These computers could allow hackers to access the data through algorithmic trapdoors faster, with their superposition ability. Besides, the phenomenon known as entanglement enables them to communicate with one another from a distance. Therefore, due to their processing power, quantum computers can generate and test all possible cryptographic keys within a short time.

How The PQC Works?

As an effort to stop the risks that technology poses to data storage, new kinds of encryption approaches have been implemented with the current computers. These more robust defenses will be impenetrable to future attacks. DigiCert, in collaboration with other security players, is creating new PCQ to secure database encryption.

The first defense is to increase the number of encryption keys. This move increases the size of the permutations significantly. Therefore, even with a quantum machine that uses Grover’s algorithm, it will be nearly impossible to search through. Surveys show that the quantum threat is looming, and you need to start replacing database encryption solutions and SSL certificates.

Another practical approach is creating a more complex trapdoor function. Cyber security firms are working on various strategies like super singular isogeny and lattice-based cryptography for key exchange. They are very complex that not even a powerful quantum computer with a super algorithm would easily crack it.


When quantum computers become a reality, the elliptic curves, RSA, and cryptographic measures will be of no use. However, PQC provides a secure means to protect yourself.
Using Digicert pro SSL Certificates gives you ease and convenience of having all your data and sub-domains under one binding cryptographic key. Besides, it provides for a secure connection from a web server to a browser.

Furthermore, you can stay ahead of the curve by using a secure site pro. It provides the highest level of authentication and extra features. These further give robust protection and comprehensive security against targeted attacks.

Which Digicert SSL Certificate Offers Post Quantum Cryptography?

The Digicert Secure Site Pro and Secure Site pro EV are the only SSL Certificates that provides Offers PCQ?

Final Thoughts

It takes time to develop and deploy cryptography techniques. Therefore, even though we think that we still have time to create cryptography defenses, we need to start working now to get ahead of the quantum threat. Experience the convenience on your data using Digicert SSL. Digicert provides PQC through hybrid SSL certificates, secure site pro, and CT Log monitoring.
Why use an EV certificate

Why use an EV certificate

Why use EV certificates

What is an EV certificates

EV certificates or Extended Validation (EV)  SSL certificates are the highest level of authentication  of  SSL certificates. They are the only certificates that trigger both the padlock and the green address bar while displaying the identity of the website owner.

The EV certificate is by far the most rigorous way of verifying identity information and the authority of companies or individuals that apply for an SSL certificate, an Extended Validation certificate provides a strong guarantee that the website owner passed a thorough identification process. The applicant has to prove not only exclusive rights to use the domain, but also its physical and legal existence.

What type of Website needs EV?

EV certificates are mainly used on websites that accepts payments or requires a high level of authentication such as bank or government as they collect sensitive data.

Banks, insurance carriers, credit unions and other financial institutions are favorite targets for phishing attacks and other cyber security threats.

Having an EV Certificate is the best way to give the customers peace of mind and tell them that the website they are visiting has passed the strict guidelines maintained by the CA/Browser Forum.

As soon as the address bar turns green, they know that the site owner actually is who he says he is.

You can find below s0me of the recommended EV certificates are :

  • Digicert secure site Pro EV : This is the most robust and most trusted Ev certificates on the market.
  • Digicert Secure Site EV: Recommeded for financial institutions on non transactional sites.
  • Thawte EV: for small to mid size organisations
  • Geotrust EV : for small to mid-size organisations



Wildcard vs Multidomain

Wildcard vs Multidomain

Wildcard vs multidomain or San certificates, what is the difference?

What is a Wildcard Certificate?

Wildcard certificates are ideal when you have a single domain but want to use SSL on multiple subdomains. If you own sslcertificate.ch, your certificate *.sslcertificate.ch  will allow you securing multiple subdomains. DigiCert, Thawte, Geotrust & sectigo all offers this type of SSL certificate.


What are SAN Certificates?

SAN Certificates or Multidomain SSL certificate allows you to secure multiple subdomains from different domain with a single certificate.

One use of a SAN certificate is when you have multiple domains for the website. For instance, you might own domain.com and domain.net and want a certificate for both.

Several companies offer these options to customers, including Thawte, Geotrust, DigiCert, and Sectigo. These companies may offer specific features that make their SSL products more appealing.

There are other options to consider. Customers can also choose the level of encryption that works best for them. Digicert Secure site Pro range has the higher encryption of all with up to 512 bit.

Unlike wildcards that are restricted to Domain Validated (DV) & Organisation validated (OV), you are able to obtain SAN certificate as an extended validation certificate

Fortunately, these options mean that you can find the ideal solution for your company at a price point that works for you.


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